Aguilar and Howard both get TPF contracts – Tachi Palace Fights: Prospects 2 Results

The TPF main event winner would win a pro contract with the promotion but a last minute change would change things for both fighters in the main event.

Anthony Howard stepped up last minute against Anthony Aguilar after Aguilar’s previous opponent failed to show up for weigh-ins.

After some time of feeling each other out Howard lands a punch that drops Aguilar. Aguilar recovers and scores a takedown and works in guard then goes for a leg lock but then the round came to a close.

Aguilar scored a takedown quick to start off the second round. After some grappling they would make it back to their feet. They would continue to posture until the end of the round.

In the final round, Aguilar would score another takedown but Howard would try for an arm bar and a triangle but Aguilar wasn’t having that. Howard would get to his feet and Aguilar would score one more takedown to finish the fight.

Anthony Aguilar wins the unanimous decision win and gets the pro contract with Tachi Palace Fights. The people in charge of the TPF were so impressed by both fighters they also gave a contract to Anthony Howard too.
Austin Liu showed some fancy foot work against Ulysses Molina. Molina would try for a takedown and finally get it with a head and arm throw and finish the round in side control.

Molina and Liu would stand and fight but not throwing much. Molina went for a takedown but it didn’t work. Molina would work in the clinch and land a knee that would cause Liu to scramble but Molina kept on him until the referee stopped the fight at 2:39 giving Molina the technical knockout.

Steven Raybon came out with a fast paced attack against Connor Subriar. Raybon scored a takedown and worked in the guard of Subriar until the round ended.

Raybon hit a beautiful takedown early on and began working in Subriar’s guard. He would work in the guard the entire round until the bell was sounded.

Raybon came out striking getting the better of Subriar and would score another takedown. He would work in the guard once more until the final bell sounded.

Steven Raybon would get the unanimous decision victory.

Length was on the side of Yahya Saad but Julian Tovar closed the gap with some strikes and got a takedown. They got back to their feet and continued landing strikes until the end of the opening round.

Saad was landing leg kicks while Tovar was closing the gap to throw punches. They worked into a clinch after a failed takedown from Tovar. In the clinch, Saad would trip and score a takedown. The second round would end with Saad on top looking for a better position.

Saad would out strike Tovar but Tovar scored a takedown. Tovar went for a submission but Saad escaped. In the final frames of the fight Tovar went all out pushing forward against Saad as the final bell sounded.

The judges would give the call for Yahya Saad with a split decision victory.

Matt Reed came out setting the pace of the fight against Mark Felix. But, Felix remained calm and advanced with a three punch combination and finished with a kick that put Reed down. Felix swarmed him landing punches to Reed as he covered up the referee stopped the fight giving Felix the win at the 1:40 mark.

Omar Reneau and Jaime Garcia locked up in the clinch and began trading leather until they hit the ground. Reneau gained top mount and landed strikes until Garcia escaped. After some grappling the round ended with Reneau in control.

Both fighters were trading blows but Reneau was getting the best of Garcia. Reneau would drop Garcia and get side mount looking to end the fight but the second round would end before that.
In the final round, both fighters were still striking but were tired. Garcia was pushing the pace but couldn’t finish the fight as the final bell sounded.

Omar Reneau would get the unanimous decision win.

Troy Butler and Ryan Ballin were looking for a quick knockout and landed some good strikes. The two went to the ground but were stood up after the referee warned Ballin about an illegal strike. The two would continue brawling until the round was over.

Ballin was ballin’ out of control as he came out for the second round landing numerous strikes to the head and dropped Butler. Ballin continued to land strikes until the referee stepped in to end the bout at 16 seconds by technical knockout.

Aaron Mathis landed an inside leg kick drops Bruno Casillas but Casillas recovered quickly and the two clinch. The two work in the clinch trying to get the upper hand on one another. Casillas landed strikes from the clinch but nothing substantial the round ended shortly after.

Round two, Mathis came out swinging hitting Casillas but Casillas dropped levels and scored a takedown. Casillas got Mathis’s back and landed punches in bunches ending the fight at 1:15 and getting the technical knockout victory.

David Mariscal scored a takedown early against Henry Mendez. After getting back to their feet they would stand and strike with each other. Mariscal was the aggressor in the round pushing the pace and landing more punches. The round ended shortly after a takedown attempt.

In the second round, Mariscal was landing punches while Mendez was throwing low kicks. Mariscal was still the aggressor and failed takedown by Mendez, Mariscal would work to take his back and lock in a rear-naked choke getting the submission win at 2:06 in the second round.

Gladimir Jacinto fought with a lot of heart but Denzel Rosaroso had great striking accuracy and would lock in the rear-naked choke getting the submission victory at 1:28 in the first round.

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