Carrizosa gets the win, Kenney claims the flyweight title at TPF 30

Lemoore, Calif. – Tachi Palace Fights 30 saw the crowning of a new flyweight champion and a fight that showed experience triumph over youth.

The main event was lightweight rematch with Cain Carrizosa (9-3) looking for redemption against Danny Navarro (16-6). It was scheduled to be a title fight but Carrizosa didn’t make weight.

Both fighters exchanged heavy handed strikes to open the three round main event bout. Carrizosa showed off some of his striking but Navarro continued to push forward. Carrizosa ducked a punch and took Navarro’s back in the final stanza but wasn’t able to lock in anything before the round was over.

Navarro threw a combination but Carrizosa went forward and was taken down. Both fighters can back up in the clinch. Carrizosa took the center of the cage and Navarro kept moving forward pushing the pace. Carrizosa scored a take down and both fighters continued to battle. Navarro went for a take down but Carrizosa went for a submission. Carrizosa is tried to tie up Navarro from his back and he worked from that position until the round ended.

Carrizosa was more aggressive with his strikes and scored a take down from there he took Navarro’s back and worked for a rear naked choke. In the process, Carrizosa locked up a body triangle while still looking for the sub. He stayed busy the whole time and kept his position until the last bell sounded going to the judge’s score cards.

All three judges scored the fight 29-28 getting Cain Carrizosa the unanimous decision victory.

Kenney (5-0) against Alvin Cacdac (17-12) fought for the vacant flyweight title. Kenney threw kicks until he accidentally landed a kick to the groin area of Cacdac. After a brief break, the action continued Cacdac striking became more aggressive.  The two exchanged strikes until the fight went to the ground and Kenney wrapped up a rear naked choke and got the win at 4:09.

Casey Kenney gets the submission victory and is now your Tachi Palace Fights flyweight champion.

The always exciting Castle Williams (3-1) fought seasoned MMA vet, Sergio Quinones (10-18). Williams went for a kick and followed with a takedown but Quinones went for a standing guillotine choke. The fight went to the ground with Quinones still trying for the choke, Williams gets out and they switch positions. Both fighters worked for position countering each other but Quinones finally locked up a Brabo choke and put Williams to sleep.

Sergio Quinones wins the match at 4:37 in the first round by way of submission.

Salvador Becerra (4-2) countered with a punch after opponent Nick Bustamante (5-2) threw a kick after the first few seconds into the fight. Becerra took the center of the cage and was able to counter. Becerra caught Bustamante with a right that sent him to the mat. Becerra tried to end the fight with ground and pound but the round was over soon after.

Becerra came out swinging and rocked Bustamante on wobbly legs but he wouldn’t go down. Becerra finally knocked him down and kept striking until the doctor stopped the fight between fights.

Salvador Becerra wins by technical knockout to a doctor’s stoppage.

Andrew Natividad (7-7) started throwing strikes but Alex Perez (14-4) engaged him pursuing Natividad like a predator goes after prey. Perez knocked him down once and let him get back to his feet before knocking him down once again and then Perez pursued him to the ground. From there Perez locks up a choke and gets the submission at 2:27.

In a collision of titans, Josh Powell (2-1) came out striking against tough, Van Palacio (3-1). Powell threw the better leg kicks while Palacio endured everything that was thrown at him. Palacio tagged Powell that caused him to slip but he recovered quickly. Palacio showed his frustration with Powell and wanted him to engage more than the bell sounded ending the round.

Palacio came out more aggressive in the second round. Powell picked his punches and would go in and out not taking any damage. After an accidental eye poke to Palacio, the fight was halted for the doctor to come check on the fighter.

The doctor ruled that Palacio was unable to continue and was ruled a No Contest.

Anthony Castrejon (1-0) went to throw a kick and Jesus Vargas Aguilar (1-0) caught it and scored the take down. Aguilar scored another take down from another kick and then took Castrejon’s back. Aguilar was working for a rear-naked choke and finally sank it in getting the victory on only two days notice.

Jesus Vargas Aguilar scored the rear naked choke win at 3:16 in the first round.

In a battle of debuts, Holt Felkins (0-0) had the height advantage but Victor Gallegos (0-0) was throwing strikes from everywhere. Felkins controlled Gallegos on the ground until he escaped and landed two consecutive throws on Felkins. On the ground, Felkins was in a triangle with Gallegos throwing elbows. Felkins picked him up and Gallegos let go from there Felkins took control. He landed elbows while they were on the ground and kept going until the referee stopped the fight.

Holt Felkins gets the TKO at 4:55 in the first round.

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