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Fresno, Calif. – Combate Americas returned to the Save Mart Center hot off their previous Copa tournament card.

Local fan favorite, Zoila Frausto made her return to Fresno’s Save Mart Center. She last fought here in 2010 in a loss to Miesha Tate under the Strikeforce banner.

In the main event, Daniel Rodriguez (7-1) came out aggressive against Ivan Castillo (17-11). Both were striking but Rodriguez was pushing the pace. They got to the ground and Rodriguez worked for an arm triangle but was unsuccessful then Rodriguez took Castillo’s back and the round ended soon after.

Round two, Rodriguez was the aggressor and pushed the pace of the fight some more landing strikes. Then he landed a knee that drops Castillo ending the bout at 2:31 with the knockout.

Madera’s Zoila Frausto (13-5) made quick work of Jaimee Nievera (7-4). Nievera went for a takedown but didn’t get it. After a brief clinch they were going toe-to-toe and Frausto starts unloading putting Nievera down at 1:52 getting the technical knockout win in the opening stanza.

Anthony Avila (17-5) threw Pablo Sabori (9-5) after a quick feeling out process. From there Sabori tried for a submission but it didn’t happen, the two got back to their feet. Sabori would land leg kicks but Avila would battle back with punches. It wasn’t enough to end the fight.

In the second round, Sabori would still use his kicks to keep Avila at bay. Avila would catch a kick to the groin causing a pause in the action. The fight would resume and Avila would start throwing punches. Toward the end of the round Sabori would close the distance and score a takedown.

Round three, Sabori was landing more strikes then Avila and does so for the rest of the round until the end of the fight.

Anthony Avila gets the majority decision over Pablo Sabori.

Jose Avalos (3-1) went for a takedown 50 seconds into the round against Hector Fajardo (1-0). Avalos would spend most of the trying for the takedown. After a brief exchange Avalos would try again and finally get the takedown. They got back to their feet and started exchanging then the round ended.

In the second round, both fighters exchanged strikes clinching for a moment then went back to going toe-to-toe. Avalos would score takedown but Fajardo from his back locked in a triangle choke and secured the win 2:04 into the round.

Emilio Horta (1-1) was the better striker against Steve Bolinger (0-0). Yet, it didn’t play a factor as Bolinger used his jiu-jitsu and wrestling to control the bout.

Bolinger hit a German Suplex on Horta then went to work trying to submit him. Horta escaped and got back to his feet. He landed a few strikes before Bolinger scored a double leg takedown then worked to top mount. He went for an arm triangle and Horta escaped then Horta tried for a guillotine but the round ended.

Round two, Horta came out striking then threw a kick that Bolinger caught and scored a takedown off of. In side control, Bolinger went for an arm triangle then switched to a kimura. Horta escaped but Bolinger was still in top mount. He then went to kimura to arm bar but Horta escaped to guard. Bolinger was working to transition when the round ended.

The last round Bolinger gained top mount and kept control the whole round. He went for submissions but Horta escaped but still had Bolinger on top of him.

Steve Bolinger gets the unanimous decision victory.

The Ryan Reneau (4-5-1) and Adrian Guzman (3-0) bout was a mix of striking and grappling. Reneau threw a kick early bit Guzman caught and tried for a takedown. Still on their feet Guzman was the better striker. Reneau would try for a bulldog choke but Guzman would escape and try for a guillotine choke but Reneau would escape. They got back to their feet and Guzman landed some strikes but the round ended soon after.

Only 19 second into round two, Guzman lands a left leg kick that folds Reneau backwards. Guzman follows up with strikes causing the referee to end the bout by technical knockout.

Journeyman fighter, Marcus Gaines (15-29-1) put the pressure on early against Ozzie Alvarez (8-5). Alvarez went for a single leg takedown but pushed Gaines into the cage ending up in the clinch. They worked in the clinch vying for position in the clinch. Gaines landed strikes in the clinch and landed some more as they came out of the clinch. Gaines tried for a takedown but it didn’t happen. The fight still ended up on the ground with Alvarez trying for a submission but the round ended.

In round two, Gaines controlled most of the round with the exception of being thrown early on. He landed his strikes but he couldn’t put Alvarez away.

Round three, Alvarez hit a takedown and tried for the submission. But Gaines escaped and got back to his feet. Alvarez landed another takedown and went for another submission but Gaines reversed to end up in guard and the round ended after that.

Marcus Gaines got the unanimous decision win over Ozzie Alvarez.
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