Diaz retains his title and Gibson retires at TPF 31

Lemoore, Calif. – Cody Gibson (15-6) was pursuing the featherweight title to add to his Tachi Palace Fights collection along with his lightweight title but Adrian Diaz stood in his way.

Yet, holding the dual championships wouldn’t come into fruition but the end to a storied career.

After a quick slip on the mat, Gibson scored a take down.  Gibson landed some strikes and went for another take down but Diaz defended against it. Gibson got another take down but Diaz popped back up and Gibson put him down again. Gibson worked in side control then worked to take his back. Diaz defended against the rear-naked choke shortly after the round ended.

Both fighters were looking for take downs and defended against them. Gibson tried for another take down and ended up in a turtle position but got back to his feet. Both fighters slugged it out until the second round ended.

Gibson came out using his boxing, when Diaz had enough he took Gibson to the ground and locked in a guillotine choke and got the win.

Adrian Diaz retains his title at 1:46 in the third round.

“It’s my favorite submission (guillotine) so I knew when I had it. I heard his breathing and he was gasping for air once I heard that I knew I had it,” said Diaz. “Overall, I got the W, so I’m going back to the drawing board and work on a few things.”

After the fight, Gibson announced he is retiring from MMA after starting in the sport in 2008.

J.C. Llamas (8-6) came out aggressive against Buddy Wallace (13-6). Both fighters exchanged strikes until Llamas scored a take down. Wallace worked to take Llamas’ back and went for a choke. They grappled with Llamas going for a leg lock but the round ended shortly after.

Llamas had a cut open up on his face and in between rounds the doctor came out called the fight over.

Buddy Wallace gets the win by way of doctor stoppage.

After a slow start to the heavyweight tilt, Chris Lewis (1-0) landed a multitude of strikes but Van Palacio (3-1) kept on fighting.  Palacio caught a kick and pushed Lewis in to the cage to keep him in the clinch as the round ended.

Palacio went for a Superman punch but didn’t land. Palacio and Lewis would exchange strikes briefly but Palacio is pursuing Lewis around the cage. Palacio landed a spinning back elbow and in the exchange they ended up on the ground. Lewis with the better position landed strikes until the referee stopped the bout.

Chris “The Law” Lewis wins by technical knockout at 4:38 in the second round.

Tyler Diamond (7-0) and Nathan Stolen (6-0) exchanged strikes for most of the first round. The fight stopped for a moment after an accidental strike to the groin. Stolen landed a solid two hit combo and Diamond answered back with a take down. On the ground, Stolen went for a guillotine choke from his back but Diamond kept escaping as they made it back to their feet. Diamond then scored another take down and the round ended on the ground.

The two came out striking to start the second round. Then Diamond worked for a take down and eventually got it. From the ground, Diamond worked his grappling they went back to their feet and Diamond got another take down. As soon as they got back up Diamond took him down again. Stolen worked to defend from his back as Diamond landed strikes from half guard to end the round.

Diamond went to his wrestling to take control of Stolen early in the third round. Diamond worked from guard to side mount and Stolen worked back up to his feet. Once there Diamond took him down again. Diamond worked to top mount and worked strikes until the end of the fight.

Tyler Diamond gets the unanimous decision win.

Angel De Anda (17-5) stayed calm and composed as Mike Morales (6-6) took the fight to him. After De Anda took his back for a few moments the two were back on their feet and De Anda clobbers him with a right hook. De Anda follows him to the mat and pummels him until the referee steps in at 2:55 giving De Anda the technical knockout victory.

Armando Espinosa (1-0) lacked height against Diamond Templeton (0-0) but that didn’t stop him from taking the fight to him. Espinosa scored a take down and tried for different submissions as he eventually locked in a triangle choke and got the submission win at 2:07 in the opening round.

Joe Neal (5-2) was throwing leg kicks early on in the fight but Alex Rojas (4-5) showed he could handle whatever was thrown at him. Rojas’s confidence began to build as the round ended.

Only 35 seconds into the second round, Rojas was caught by a right uppercut that sent him to the mat as Neal capitalized putting down hammer strikes and getting the technical knockout.

Paradise Vaovasa (5-1) was the shorter fighter as he took on Jalin Turner (3-2). Vaovasa’s heart and aggressiveness wasn’t enough. Turner used his length and hard knees to stun Vaovasa and put him away getting the technical knockout win at 1:30.

In the first fight of the night, heavyweight prospect, Mohammad Usman (0-0) hit a take down early and locked in an a Kimura lock and got the submission win over Derrick Williams (1-3) at 1:16.

Photo Courtesy: Chris Ronquillo

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