LFA 51 – Gibson gets the win after a long layoff

Legacy Fighting Alliance 51: Gibson vs Erak Results

Fresno, Calif. – Cody Gibson (15-7) returned to the cage after being away for nearly a year and a half against Gustavo Erak (19-3-1).

Gibson hit a takedown in the early frames of the first round. Erak would escape but was taken to the ground once again. Gibson would try for a guillotine choke but Erak would escape. After some grappling the two would get back to their feet. Erak’s striking was throwing very wide and looping strikes. Erak would land a strike to Gibson’s groin causing a pause in the action. The action resumed and the round came to a close.

Gibson scored an early takedown but the two went back up to their feet to start off the second round. Gibson displayed his boxing while Erak landed some leg kicks. They paused from another strike to the groin of Gibson. Gibson landed good strikes and avoided hard strikes from Erak. Gibson would shoot for a takedown but didn’t get it. He tried once more and got it. They get back to their feet and the round ends.

Erak is trying to end the fight in the beginning of the third. Gibson had to work for the takedown but finally got it. They get back to their feet but Gibson brings him back down. Erak comes back up once again after a scramble. They work in the clinch and Gibson tried for the takedown again but the final bell rang.

Cody Gibson gets the unanimous decision win.

“I know I can do better then that. The first fight back is just tough,” said Gibson. “I tried to stay calm but I felt like that was half of what I could do out there.”

Rolando Velasco (13-5-1) and Nohelin Hernandez (8-2) were testing each other out early on in the first round. Velasco would score a takedown. They would get back to their feet and Velasco would roll for an anaconda choke but Hernandez would escape and throw some strikes and the round would end shortly after.

In the second round, Velasco was caught by a strike but was able to shake it off later in the round. Hernandez would go after him but Velasco would shoot for a takedown. Hernandez sprawled and would end up in Velasco’s guard until the end of the round.

The final round started with Velasco pushing the pace. He scored a takedown and landed in Hernandez’s guard. Hernandez tried to escape but was brought back down to the ground. Velasco worked to half guard then got mount. Hernandez rolled to top guard, Velasco tried for a triangle but Hernandez escaped. Once Hernandez escaped the fight ended shortly after.

Nohelin Hernandez gets the win with the unanimous decision victory.

Andres Alcantar (4-0) and Jordan Powell (9-7) had no interest in taking the fight to the ground. Powell used his boxing to keep Alcantar from using his low leg kicks. The two clinched briefly then Alcantar would throw low leg kicks until Powell showed he could throw kicks too. Both fighters were throwing punches to the head until Powell landed a head kick then a kick to the body. The round ended shortly after that.

In the second round, both fighters looked like they were brawling. The two clinched, Powell lands an elbow as he escapes the clinch. Both fighters were landing strikes until Alcantar was caught and Powell followed up with a kick to the chest. That would put Alcantar down giving Powell the technical knockout victory at 4 minutes.

Joaquin Lopez (4-0) and Salaiman Ahmadyar (6-0) spend most of their time testing each other out. Until Lopez committed and started throwing strikes and knocked out Ahmadyar at 1:13 in the first round.

Adam Fugitt (4-1) scored a takedown early but Hill got back to his feet quickly. The two clinched and Fugitt scored another takedown. Hill got back to his feet and escaped Fugitt clinch but was kicked in the head for his trouble. Then Hill would fake a left knee but throw a left hook that knocked out Fugitt at 1:31 in the first round.

Paul Elizondo (0-0) scored a takedown early against Freddy Mendez (0-0). From there Elizondo would take Mendez’s back then lays in the ground and pound until the referee calls the fight at 1:46.

Victor Gallegos (0-1) landed a quick combo early then scored a takedown against Carlos Hernandez (1-1). After the takedown, Gallegos secures a guillotine choke and gets the submission victory at 1:16.

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