Ruiz retires with a win at TPF 32

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Lemoore, Calif. – No titles were on the line but one career was over by the end of the night as headliner, Anthony “A-Train” Ruiz retired after his bout.

Joey Cabezas (7-9) went for a kick to the midsection but was taken down by opponent, Anthony Ruiz (33-22) in the early frames of the fight.  They got back to their feet but went to the ground once more with Cabezas going for a Kimura lock. Ruiz showed his toughness as he fought back from that and being in a guillotine choke. Ruiz gained half guard and laid down some strikes, Cabezas was trying to transition when the round ended.

Ruiz came out swinging and tried for a take down but Cabezas went for a guillotine choke. Ruiz got out and landed some strikes. Cabezas tried to get back to his feet but Ruiz forced him back to the ground. From side mount, Ruiz landed some strikes and then went to full mount. He tried for a choke but it didn’t work so he went back to striking. Ruiz went for the choke more time and got it at 4:19 ending his career with a record of 34-22.

“It was a good fight, I had a game plan. I was going to stand with him and then I was going to take him down and finish him,” said Ruiz. “I’m 100 percent happy, I’ve won a lot and I’ve lost a lot. I’m completely happy with how my career has turned out and the way my life has turned out.”

Anthony Avila (13-5) showed he was comfortable on his feet out striking Ray Cervera (9-6). After an awkward exchange Avila was on his back, went for a heel hook and locked it in getting the submission win at 2:05.

Salvador Becerra (5-2) and Robby Ostovich (5-3) started off slow as they tested distance against each other landing a shot here and there. Until Becerra picked up the pace landing a kick that echoed in throughout the hall. Becerra pushed forward some more and landed another kick then went after Ostovich landing strikes until the referee called a halt to the contest at 3:04.

Mario Bautista (1-0) came out swinging then scored a take down to open the fight against Devon Chavez (0-0). Bautista pursued a choke but Chavez punched his way out and they got back to their feet but Bautista scored another take down immediately.  Bautista worked to take Chavez’s back while looking for a choke but the round ended as he pursued it.

Chavez tried a spinning back fist coming out but Bautista avoided it and the two went to the ground with Bautista in the top position. Bautista went for a D’arce choke and got it at 59 seconds getting the submission win.

Armando Espinosa (2-0) versus Ysidro Gutierrez (2-0) started as contrast of styles but developed into a brawl. Espinosa scored a take down and tried for a submission but Gutierrez fought off the holds and threw punches. After that the two brawled back and forth until the end of the round both landing punches in bunches.

In the second round, the fight went to the ground quickly with Espinosa taking Gutierrez’s back looking for a submission but then transitioning to a triangle choke but Gutierrez escaped. Espinosa scored another take down and gained top mount. Espinosa would go on to take his back looking for a rear naked choke and ended the round trying for it.

In the final round, Espinosa came out and dropped Gutierrez with a hard right then followed him to the ground and put him in a rear naked choke getting the win in 32 seconds.

In the opening bout, Te Edwards (4-1) and Thomas Diagne (6-6) went to work striking. Edwards would catch Diagne with a trip but Diagne would recover with a nice kick to the midsection. After some clinch work, Edwards landed a right kick to Diagne’s face sending him reeling against the cage. Edwards followed landing strikes and the referee called a stop to the bout at 2:27 giving Te Edwards the TKO victory.

In a heavyweight bout that followed the main event, Mohammad Usman (1-0) went fast and furious at Dante Harrell (1-3). After getting Harrell to the ground Usman worked in a Kimura lock and got the win at 1:08.

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