Tachi Palace Fights 25 Results: Martinez Retires as Antolin and Llamas Claim Gold

TPF25Lemoore, Calif. – Two champions were crowned at lightweight and flyweight and a local MMA veteran retires from the sport.

Alex Perez (13-2) set the pace early against Adam Antolin (10-3) in their flyweight championship battle. Perez used his striking to keep Antolin off his game plan and use his wrestling to control Antolin on the ground. Perez would keep on Antolin until the end of the first round.

Antolin showed more aggressive striking but Perez scored a takedown and they rolled, Perez got caught in a guillotine choke and tapped out at 1:15 in the second round.

Your new Tachi Palace flyweight champion Adam Antolin.

In the lightweight championship bout, Dominic Clark (8-4) came out aggressive as he tried to get the win early with a neck crank on Tony Llamas (15-15). After the unsuccessful attempt Clark took Llamas’ back and worked for a submission. Llamas escaped and switched positions getting to half guard and laid down hammer fists. He continued to do so until the referee called the fight.

Tony Llamas is the new Tachi Palace Fights lightweight champion at 4:59 in the first round by way of technical knockout.

Poppies Martinez has decided to end his MMA career after going 29-11-1. Martinez has been fighting in MMA for years from the early days of MMA in the Central Valley with the World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) to current MMA company, Bellator MMA. He was a champion in many organizations including WEC, Palace Fighting Championships, and Tachi Palace Fights.

I have seen him fight many times. He was always exciting in the cage and a really good guy. Thank you Poppies for your contribution to the local MMA scene with your blood, sweat, and tears.

Cain Carrizosa (6-2) was calm and composed starting the fight against Danny Navarro (13-6). Navarro hit a quick takedown but both fighters were up on their feet in an instant. After some striking Navarro grabbed a hold of Carrizosa and tossed him from one side of the cage to the other. The two battled on their feet ending the first round.

Navarro continued to use his wrestling in the second round but added strikes to it. The tide would turn in Cain’s favor when he landed some big shots and scored a takedown of his own. After that the doctor came in to check Navarro’s vision due to the blood around his eyes. The fight continued and the bell sounded.

Navarro went for a takedown but Carrizosa countered but they were back on their feet in a heartbeat. Carrizosa landed some kicks; Navarro went for a takedown and eventually got it. Navarro landed heavy punches and scored another takedown. Carrizosa seemed to be waiting for his opportunity but Navarro’s wrestling proved to be too much as the final bell sounded.

Danny Navarro gets the unanimous decision win.

Chris Culley (18-12) and Kyle Reyes (8-3) began exchanging kicks then worked into a clinch. They broke from the clinch and continue to exchange kicks then add punches to the mix. The two competitors grind in the clinch with Reyes going for a takedown but the bell sounds ending the round.

The fighters were going tit-for-tat when it came to kicks until they clinched and Reyes worked for a takedown. Reyes gave up the takedown attempt and took the center of the cage looking to exchange with Culley. The two exchanged blows again and Culley hit a spinning low kick that surprised the crowd to end the round.

In the third round the two fighters are more aggressive and end up clinching against the cage. They exchange strikes with Culley slipping some punches. Reyes started to land some strikes that Cullet couldn’t slip as the round went on. The two warriors exchanged blows until the final bell leaving it in the judges’ hands.

Chris Culley gets the unanimous decision win over Kyle Reyes.

A quick scramble started the bout between Brandon Cohea (3-1) and Drake Boen (4-2). Then, Boen took Cohea’s back and locked in a body triangle but Cohea kept working to escape. Boen stayed in control landing strikes and let Cohea wear himself out until the bell ended the first round.

Boen displayed his striking out matching Cohea. Cohea clinched with Boen but the fight ended up on the ground with Boen in control. Cohea escaped but Boen hit a throw that dropped Cohea to the mat once again and Boen locked in a triangle choke. Cohea fought it until the end of the round.

The two fighters exchange blows but go back to the ground with Boen landing in the better position. Boen worked to get side mount then mounts Cohea and gets his back once again. Boen lands strikes while keeping control of Cohea and attempted an armbar but the final bell sounded.

Drake Boen gets the unanimous decision victory.

Jamall Emmers (8-2) established a quick pace against Ray Cervera. When the fight went to the ground Emmers controlled the fight and stood up then lands strikes to the downed Cervera. Emmers continued to be in control for the rest of the round.

There were some brief striking exchanges to start the second round. The fight was paused for a moment after an accidental strike to the groin from Emmers to Cervera. The fight continued as Cervera caught Emmers leg as he went for a kick and Cervera tripped him. After a stalemate the fighters were stood up but the fight went back to the ground with Emmers controlling until the end of the round.

Emmers still the more energetic of the two landed strikes against Cervera. Emmers hits a textbook takedown then worked from half guard still keeping control of Cervera. Emmers stood up and lands strikes to Cervera letting him get up in the final frames of the bout.

Jamall Emmers wins by unanimous decision.

Samuel Alvarez (0-1) goes to the clinch immediately against Evan Solorio (1-1). Alvarez scored two consecutive takedowns and worked his way into a body triangle and rear naked choke combination. Solorio worked to the guard position and threw some strikes as Solorio got to the standing position ending the first round.

Alvarez clinches immediately and gets a takedown then he worked Solorio into another body triangle/rear naked choke situation. Solorio escaped and got to half guard throwing elbows as the round came to an end.

Solorio came out striking in the final round but Alvarez went back to the clinch. The ref separated them after a stalemate and Solorio went back to striking, while Alvarez smothered him into the clinch and back to the ground. Alvarez landed strikes as Solorio was in the turtle position then Alvarez took his back once again and ended the fight looking for the rear naked choke submission.

Alvarez gets the unanimous decision win over Solorio.

Michael Pinon (0-0) starts the action landing a snapping kick that echoed in the arena but Art Hernandez (1-0) caught the leg and the fight went to the ground. Hernandez worked to sink in a rear naked choke and got the win at 2:18.

Jordan Williams (4-1) came out aggressive causing opponent Preston Scharf (13-16) to defend and use his wrestling. But Williams was too much for the John Hackleman product as he (Williams) submits Scharf at 1:42 in the first round.

Sergio Cortez (8-11) locked in a guillotine choke in the opening frames of the fight as Jeff Carson (2-5) ducked under a quick combination and went for a takedown. Cortez gets the submission win at 34 seconds into the fight.

Casey Kenney (1-0) used strong kickboxing against Victor Rosas (2-0) for most of the first round. Then Kenney scored a takedown and worked to get out of half guard for the rest of the round.

After some quick exchanges to start the second round, Kenney scored another takedown. He used hammer fists to get from side mount to take Rosas’ back and looked for a rear naked choke. Kenney would get to side mount and pound away until the end of the round.

Kenney came out and landed different strikes but Rosas showed his toughness absorbing knees and various strikes. Kenney went for anaconda lock but was unsuccessful going back to raining blows opening up a gash and caused the doctor to stop the fight at 4:31 in the third and final round.



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