Tachi Palace Fights 28: Hot August Fights Results

Navarro wins TPF Lightweight Gold

Lemoore, Calif. – The lightweight championship was up for grabs in the main event of Tachi Palace Fights 28: Hot August Fights.

Danny Navarro showed why he is nicknamed “Iron Man” as he pushed the pace pounding away at Brian Cobb to claim the vacant Tachi Palace Fights lightweight title.

Brian Cobb (20-8) takedown scored a quick takedown Danny Navarro (15-6) after the two had been exchanging strikes. Navarro popped up quick and they continued trading leather. Cobb would score another quick takedown and get to the clinch with Navarro. The round ended with the two fighting in the clinch.
They spent the first minute of the second round exchanging strikes. Cobb was stunned and tried to escape from Navarro but he kept on him as he regained his composure. Navarro landed heavy strikes and Cobb doesn’t want any part of it. Cobb is on the defense as Navarro continued to pound away on Cobb. Navarro goes in for a guillotine choke and gets the submission win at 4:22 and becomes the new Tachi Palace Fights lightweight champion.

“I’ve always been the underdog and I always rise to the occasion,” said Navarro.

Matt Hagge (6-4) and Cain Carrizosa (7-3) threw leather until Hagge went for a takedown. They worked in the clinch until they were back on their feet. Carrizosa threw strikes while Hagge tried for another takedown. Carrizosa would gain Hagge’s back and throw strikes but Hagge was saved by the bell.

Carrizosa showed he was comfortable on his feet throwing strikes and going for a takedown. Carrizosa worked in the half guard and after some transitioning he locked in an armbar until Hagge submitted at 1:54.

Martin Day (3-0) versus Richard Parra (2-1) was a fast paced bout. Day landed a spin kick to the gut that sent Parra against the cage. Parra responded dropping Day with a quick combination that caused the fight to go to the ground. Day went for an armbar but Parra escaped they got back to their feet and Parra went for a guillotine. Parra landed an up kick and got up swinging. Both fighters stunned each other with strikes and Day went for a rear naked choke but the round ended during that attempt.

The fast pace continued as Day landed a kick and Parra kept pushing forward until Day went for a takedown and got it. Day went for a submission on the ground but Parra fought out. They battled in the clinch and Day scored another takedown and worked from Parra’s guard. Day worked to mount then applied an arm triangle but Parra the round ended shortly after.

Parra went for a takedown and Day counters with a throw but both fighters get back to their feet quickly. After exchanging a few strikes Parra went for a takedown but Day sprawled and took his back as Parra clamed up. Day locked in a body triangle and attempted a rear naked choke. Both fighters fought from that position until the end of the fight.

Martin Day takes the split decision victory.

Corina Herrera (2-2) against Sheila Padilla (2-2) was a brawl as Herrera fought with tons of heart and Padilla had the technique. Padilla was in control on the ground while trying to submit to Herrera but she wouldn’t quit slamming Padilla to the mat numerous times and fought until the end of the first round in the back and forth battle.

For half of the second round, both fighters were landing quick strikes on each other until they went into the clinch. Padilla worked from half guard and went to full mount where she landed punches trying for a submission but Herrera held out until the end of the round.

Herrera scored a takedown but got in trouble by the ref for holding onto the cage. After the warning she landed a combination that caused Padilla to go for a takedown. Padilla would proceed to take her back working for a rear naked choke. Herrera escaped and transitioned to guard but Padilla went for an armbar. The two fought from a near armbar position until the end of the fight.

Sheila Padilla won the fight by a unanimous decision.

Kyle Reyes (10-4) and Josh San Diego (6-1) landed random shots against each other until Reyes worked to the clinch. From there Reyes went from a guillotine choke to an anaconda choke and locked it in getting the submission win at 3:44.

J.C. Llamas (6-5) went for a capoeira style head kick against Zane Kamaka (9-2). After a pause in the action for an accidental eye poke the action continued as these two exchanged combinations. Kamaka scored a takedown but Llamas rolled into a kneebar and scored the submission win at 3:44.

Mitchell Sipe (1-0) came out the gate excited trying for a knockout against Joseph Ramirez (Debut). He ended up in the clinch and scored a takedown on Ramirez. From the takedown he worked in Ramirez’s half guard adding ground and pound until the referee stopped the fight at 2:29 winning by technical knockout.

In a battle of debuts Armando Espinoza came out confident against Victor Rico knocking him down twice until Rico answered back with a knock down of his own. Rico would work for a submission on the ground but it didn’t happen ending the round.

In round two, Espinoza knocked Rico down again and followed him to the ground continuing with an onslaught of strikes until the referee ended the fight at 22 second mark by technical knockout.

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