Tachi Palace Fights 33

Rolando Velasco and Rodrigo Lima squared off in a bantamweight title fight that still doesn’t have a champion. Lima won the bout, but failed to make weight so no bantamweight title.

The heavyweight tournament finals were set as Muhammad Usman will take on Mitchell Sipe for the Tachi Palace Fights heavyweight title.

Rodrigo Lima (12-4) landed some nice kicks on Rolando Velasco (13-4) to open up their fight. Velasco countered a kick with a punch and Lima taunted him to hit him again. Lima threw a kick for the abdomen but it was low and caught Velasco in the cup. Lima executed strikes but in the clinch he grabbed the cage to avoid a takedown and was deducted a point. They got back to fighting and Lima went for an omoplata. Velasco escaped into guard and remained there until the end of the round.

The intensity in round two picked up as both fighters landed strikes. Velasco scored a takedown and ends up in guard. Lima is trying to wrap up Velasco but the get back to their feet and go to war. Lima scored a takedown and gets back to his feet then Velasco follows suit. Lima snaps on a quick guillotine choke and submits Velasco at 3:47.

Rodrigo Lima scores the victory but left the cage with no bantamweight champion.

In a battle of local journeymen, Sergio Quinones (11-18) and Tony Llamas (16-15) came out swinging. After a brief encounter on the ground they got back to their feet. Llamas taunted Quinones to hit him and Quinones took him to the ground. Llamas got side mount but Quinones escaped. After some striking Quinones went for a takedown but Llamas sprawled. The round ends Llamas in control of Quinones.

Llamas taunted Quinones but Quinones kept in the fight until Llamas landed a left that put Quinones on his behind. After that Llamas went in for the kill and the referee stepped in at 1:42 giving Llamas the technical knockout victory.

Chris Lewis (2-0) took down Mitchell Sipe (2-0) early on in the heavyweight bout. Lewis worked in the guard of Sipe. Once back on their feet they went into the clinch, Lewis went a far a takedown and failed the ended as they battled in the clinch.

The two went toe-to-toe until Sipe scored a takedown but then they got right back to their feet and went back to swinging. Sipe scored another takedown and went back to his feet. They worked in the clinch once more Sipe landed some heavy strikes as both fighters were visibly tired by that time. They stood toe-to-toe as the round ended.

Sipe landed strikes to open up the final round. Sipe’s continued to land strikes until he dropped Lewis and he kept swinging until the referee stepped in to end the fight at 1:13 with the technical knockout win.

Evan Solorio (2-2) took 28 seconds to finish Garrett Marks (0-1) after a slugfest in the first round.

In the heavyweight division, Mohammad Usman (2-0) tried to work in the clinch but dealt a low blow to Van Palacio (4-2). After a time out, Palacio came out swinging but Usman took him down. Usman worked in the side mount and laid down strikes. The referee deducted a point for blows to the back of the head. The fight started once more Usman scored a takedown and worked in side mount. Usman passed to top mount bringing some ground and pound ending the fight at 4:52 by technical knoutout.

Ysidro Gutierrez (2-1) threw a kick but was wrapped up in the clinch of Art Hernandez (3-0). Hernandez was looking for a standing guillotine but Gutierrez scored the takedown. Hernandez got back to his feet and the two started striking. After another takedown the two got back to their feet. Then Gutierrez scored another takedown and the round came to a close.

The two lock up in a clinch to start the second round they worked for position. Gutierrez scored a takedown and ended up in the guard of Hernandez. They got back to their feet and Gutierrez landed some strikes and took down Hernandez. After that, Hernandez scored a takedown. Hernandez worked to take his back and work in a choke as the round ended soon after.

Gutierrez landed strikes in and out of the clinch and got a takedown. Hernandez made his way back to his feet and they started striking. Gutierrez missed a takedown and they continue to strike. Hernandez tried for a takedown and failed. Gutierrez got a takedown and Hernandez went for an armbar but Gutierrez escaped. The fight ends in the clinch and goes to the judge’s scorecard.

Ysidro Gutierrez delivers Hernandez his first loss as the judge’s give him the unanimous decision.

Drake Boen (5-3) came out throwing leg kicks against Fard Muhammad (5-6) after that Muhammad scored back to back takedowns on Boen. Boen used his jiu-jitsu to take control from his back shortly after Muhammad went back to his feet and started landing hard strikes. Boen tied him up in the clinch and took him to the ground and gained top mount. Boen transitioned to side mount as the round ended.

Boen threw a leg kick early in the second round and Muhammad tried for a takedown but it didn’t happen. Muhammad tried to taunt Boen and got taken down for his trouble. Muhammad gained top guard but Boen was looking to pass. They were stood up and Boen went for a standing submission but it didn’t happen. The round ended with Boen looking for a leg lock submission.

Muhammad ate a kick and taunted Boen. Boen got in close and got taken down with Muhammad in his guard. Muhammad landed quick strikes while Boen was looking to transition. After a stall in the action the ref stood them up they clinched and Muhammad scored a takedown. Muhammad landed a body shot then clinched and got a quick takedown. The round ends with Muhammad in side mount and goes to the judge’s scorecard.

The judge’s score it in favor of Fard Muhammad with a unanimous decision.

Devon Chavez (0-1) couldn’t stop the takedown of Jose Avalos (0-0).When Avalos was transitioning Chavez escaped and got to his feet and landed some strikes but Avalos would score another takedown after that. Avalos would transition to top mount, Chavez would turn over get caught in a body triangle while fighting off a rear-naked choke. Avalos would land strikes from Chavez’s back to end the round.

Chavez was unable to continue in the fight giving Avalos his first win, winning by technical knockout.

In the opening bout, Lamar Reed (6-4) took control in the top position against Ray Cervera (9-7) landing strikes and transitioning the whole first round.

In the second round, both fighters spent more time on their feet throwing punches until Reed scored a takedown and ended up in guard. Reed took control in guard landing strikes after the action slowed down the referee stood them up. Cervera stepped in the throw a combination but Reed caught him and scored another takedown shortly after that the round came to a close.

Round three, Reed is landing strikes while avoiding strikes from Cervera. Reed tried for a takedown but wasn’t successful. After some brief exchanges, Reed scored another takedown and ended up in guard. Reed would throw strikes from the guard position until the end of the bout.

Lamar Reed takes the victory with a unanimous decision.

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