Tachi Palace Fights 34: Results – Sipe wins new TPF Heavyweight Title

There was a newly crowned Tachi Palace Fights (TPF) heavyweight champion.

Mitchell Sipe and Chris Lewis would enter the cage but only one would leave with the TPF heavyweight title.

Mitchell Sipe (3-0) and Chris Lewis (3-1) both came out ready to fight. After some missed strikes the two clinched against the cage. They were separated and Sipe got it to the ground where he tried to end it with punches but Lewis escaped. Sipe pursued Lewis knocking him down and followed him to the ground where he continued until Lewis’ corner threw in the towel.

Mitchell Sipe wins the first TPF heavyweight title at 3:37 in the first round.

TPF veteran, Art Arciniega (15-7) took to the cage in the co-main event against Ray Cervera (9-8). Cervera landed some hard strikes causing a cut above the eye of Arciniega. Arciniega was able to close the distance and work in the clinch until the bell sounded ending the round.

Arciniega shot for a single leg and after some work he got it then he ended up in guard. Cervera defended well against Arciniega’s offense. Cervera worked for submissions off his back but Arciniega held him off until they were stood up in the final seconds of the round.

In the final round, the two landed quick strikes for half the round then Arciniega went for a takedown but didn’t get it. Cervera took his back but he reversed it into guard soon after the final bell sounded.

Art Arciniega won the split decision victory.

Early in the bout between Armando Espinosa (3-0) and Art Hernandez (3-1) there was a stoppage due to an accidental groin strike. When the action started back Hernandez scored a takedown. Espinosa went for a leg lock but Hernandez fought his way out and got to side mount. Hernandez kept control of Espinosa working to his back and tried for a choke. Hernandez would adjust to top mount then get to his back once more. He rained down strikes to end the round.

Espinosa landed a quick leg kick and Hernandez went for a takedown but came up short. Hernandez threw a kick and Espinosa scored a takedown of his own. Espinosa worked to half guard striking the ribs of Hernandez. He finally worked to full mount but Hernandez was still fighting and got to full mount after a rear-naked choke attempt. Hernandez kept control and rained down strikes until the bell sounded.

Hernandez went for a takedown and missed it but ended up in the clinch. Hernandez was still looking to take him down but Espinosa rolled onto him but he grabbed the cage so it was stopped and stood up. Espinosa tried to score a takedown but ended up in the clinch instead. Espinosa worked and waited finally scoring the takedown. Hernandez worked to get to side control and the fight ended shortly after.

The judges scored the fight in favor of Art Hernandez.

Joe Neal (6-2) was patiently picking his strikes against Nohelin Hernandez (6-2). Hernandez landed a few leg kicks but both fighters were punching air. Both fighters landed quick strikes and the round ended after.

The fighters were still feeling each other out until Hernandez landed a kick to the head but Neal shook it off. Neal would come in a land a two punch combination and become more confident after that landing more strikes. Hernandez is still in the fight.

In the third round it was more of the same with both fighters trying to pick their shots. Halfway through the round they started to engage more. Each fighter landed a strike here and there until the end of the bout.

Nohelin Hernandez got the split decision victory.

In the literally the biggest fight on the card, the superheavyweights were in competition as Van Palacio (4-3) fought Rudolph Buendia (2-0).

Buendia used low leg kicks against Palacio but Palacio kept moving forward. Palacio landed a hard strike and ended up in the clinch with Buendia against the cage. After a brief slug fest Buendia knocked Palacio and went for an arm triangle.

Rudolph Buendia gets the arm triangle submission at 3:44 in the first round.

Otgonbaatar Nergui (3-1) looked strong early on against Buddy Wallace (15-7). The fight hit the ground and Wallace went for an armbar, Nergui kneed Wallace which is illegal. After a break in the action, Nergui landed some kicks to the body and scored a takedown ending up in Wallace’s guard. They stood up and Nergui hit a throw but Wallace maneuvered to top mount landing strikes and going for chokes to end the round.

Both fighters came out sluggish but still looking for the knockout. The action was paused after an accidental strike to the groin on Wallace. Nergui swept Wallace’s leg but Wallace landed on top and gained top mount. Nergui escaped but ended up in an armbar. Nergui escaped and ended up in side mount from there he landed elbows and went for a North/South choke but Wallace escaped. Wallace tried for a takedown but didn’t get it. Both fighters landed hard strikes trying to put the other away and the bell sounded shortly after.

Wallace landed low kicks until the two clinched. Nergui would come down on Wallace ending up in his guard. Nergui would end up in top mount raining down punches then went for a rear-naked choke and couldn’t get it. After another attempt he went to top mount and rained down more strikes. Wallace worked to top mount escaped scored a takedown to end the fight.

The judges ruled the fight a majority draw with the score of 28-28, 28-28, 29-27.

Ysidro Gutierrez (3-1) caught a kick from Diamond Templeton (0-1) quick and sent the fight to the ground. Shortly after, Templeton locked up a rear-naked choke and didn’t let go.

Diamond Templeton wins his first professional fight with a rear-naked choke in the first round at 1:12.

Jose Avalos (1-1) came out wily against Matt Perez (2-1). Perez is avoiding Avalos’ strikes waiting for his chance. Perez grabs him but was unable to make anything happen. Avalos shot and scored the takedown, Perez tried to escape but Avalos applies an armbar.

Jose Avalos wins by armbar submission at 4:47 in the first round.

Carlos Hernandez (0-1) scored a takedown early on in the fight against Ryan Attebery (0-0). Attebery went for a guillotine choke and got slammed for his trouble. After some grappling Hernandez locked in a rear-naked choke and got the victory.

Carlos Hernandez wins by rear-naked choke submission at 2:28 in the first round.

Fabian Luevano (0-0) and Garrett Marks (0-2) started out exchanging strikes. Both fighters would exchange quick strikes with Marks showing his experience with cleaner strikes. The action was paused while Marks shook off an accidental groin shot. They continued throwing strikes until the end of the round.

In the second round, Marks came out more aggressive landing strikes but Luevano weathered the brief storm. Shortly after, Luevano started landing blow after blow stifling Marks but Marks showed his toughness. Both fighters were visibly tired but still swinging. After a brief timeout the action continued, both fighters still striking until the round ended.

The two continued to brawl in the final round. Each fighter would land a combination with the other guy rallying back with his own. A takedown by Marks was unsuccessful. They kept striking until the fight was over.

Fabian Luevano won his debut fight by unanimous decision.

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