Tachi Palace Fights 35

Nohelin Hernandez (9-2) and Kyle Reyes (13-5) met in a catch weight fight that would be the co-main event of Tachi Palace Fights 35.

Reyes came out landing some kicks against Hernandez. Hernandez landed some quick strikes but Reyes is the more effective striker. Reyes controlled the clinch against the cage; the two fighters would go back to the middle of the cage. Both fighters throw strikes until Hernandez gets a takedown. The two transitioned into different positions until the round is ended.

Reyes came out fast and ready to bang but Hernandez avoided the heavy strikes early. Hernandez lands some clean strikes as he took his time against the more up tempo Reyes. Hernandez lays in some heavy strikes before trying for a failed takedown. Then scored a takedown after, the two grappled until the end of the round.

Reyes came out with more energy throwing strikes until the two clinched with Hernandez pushing Reyes against the cage until they go back to the center of the cage. Reyes ended up in Hernandez’s guard but Hernandez escaped back to his feet. Hernandez ended up in half guard and decided to let Reyes up. The two were striking in the center of the cage until Hernandez scored another takedown. Hernandez worked him back to the clinch to end the fight.

Nohelin Hernandez gets the split decision victory.

Anthony Avila (16-5) landed heavy strikes early on against Marcello Cassero (7-1). Avila was looking for the knockout but Cassero wasn’t making it easy. Cassero knocked Avila down and jumped on him. Avila went for a leg lock but Cassero escaped. The two went to the clinch and the fight went to the ground again shortly after the round ended.

Both fighters went to blows early then Cassero hit a takedown. He worked in half guard; Avila escaped then ended up in his guard. Avila got to his feet then Cassero comes up and caught a kick to the face that put him down. The referee called the fight at 3:26 giving the knockout win to Avila.

Francisco Loredo (4-6) returned to the cage after a long layoff against Jose Avalos (2-1). Avalos showed off his striking while Loredo tried to shake off the ring rust. They got to the ground with Loredo on top. Avalos escaped and fought like a man possessed trying to end the fight. Avalos slowed down but was still landing strikes. Loredo was still game fighting back as the two were standing toe-to-toe when the round ended.

Avalos landed a clean combo but Loredo is still in it. Avalos applied more pressure and couldn’t put him away. As the crowd chanted in Avalos’ favor, Loredo landed a clean shot that slowed Avalos and then scored a takedown. Loredo worked from half guard until Avalos transitioned to half guard. Avalos got full mount tried a submission but then went to ground and pound then ended up on his back where he attempted a triangle choke as the round ended.

Avalos and Loredo circled the cage throwing strikes then Avalos hit a takedown. Avalos transitioned to take his back and sinks in the rear-naked choke getting the victory at 1:59.

Michael Bravo (8-4) and Art Hernandez (4-1) were cautious in the first half of the fight landing quick strikes. Bravo worked into a clinch pushing Hernandez against the cage. Then the two went to circling the center of the cage doing more striking until the round ended.

They exchanged strikes while circling the cage. Bravo was been working leg kicks but Hernandez had laid in the punches. The two would go back and forth the entire round.

Hernandez also landed leg kicks and he finally tried for a takedown and after working for it finally got it. After a scramble the two got back to their feet. They exchanged some strikes until an accidental strike to the groin put a pause to the action. The two kept throwing strikes until the final bell sounded.

Michael Bravo takes the unanimous decision victory.

Evan Solorio (4-2) took control of Aaron Hamilton (1-4) early on in the bout. He worked in the clinch wearing down Hamilton but he was still in the fight. Solorio kept striking in the clinch. Once the ten second alert went off swarming Hamilton and wasn’t able to put him away.

In the second round, Solorio’s striking made quick work of Hamilton landing an elbow that ended the fight only taking 36 seconds to get the TKO win.

Carlos Hernandez (1-1) and Anthony Aguilar (0-0) didn’t want the fight to go to the ground in the first half of the round. After a takedown the two grappled for position but couldn’t lock in a submission. They got back to their feet and started throwing strikes until Aguilar got a takedown. After some grappling the round ended.

In round two, both fighters weren’t in a hurry for the quick knockout early on. Aguilar got a takedown and controlled the position landing hard punches to the downed Hernandez. Aguilar tried for a guillotine choke but got slammed for his trouble. The round ended shortly after.

The two were back at looking for a knockout until Aguilar scored a takedown. They got back to their feet and Aguilar hits another takedown and ends up in guard. Hernandez is still in the fight defending against Aguilar. They got back to their feet and started slugging it out, Aguilar landed two strikes that put Hernandez on his back but he survived until the final bell sounded.

Anthony Aguilar wins the fight by unanimous decision.

Rudolph Buendia (3-0) brawled with Sean Johnson (3-1) in the opening frames of the fight. Until Johnson landed a hard strike that floored Buendia getting the knockout at 24 seconds into the bout.

Henry Mendez (0-0) missed a punch and Christian Avalos (0-0) took him to the ground. Avalos transitioned while Mendez worked to escape. Avalos locked in a choke and got the submission victory at 1:26 in the first.

Fabian Luevano (1-0) and Juan Villarreal (0-0) did most of the striking. Then Villarreal landed a hard leg kick and like a shark smelling blood in the water swarmed on the injured Luevano landing punches in bunches. The referee stepped in ending the fight at 1:52 giving Villarreal the TKO win.

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