TPF 26 Results: Velasco Retains Title and Frausto Gets the Win in a War

The bingo hall of Tachi Palace was turned into a battleground as MMA fighters went to war.

Rolando Velasco retained his title in a five round crusade against Joe Neal.  Zolia Frausto returned to the cage as she earned her win over TPF newcomer Corina Herrera.

Rolando Velasco (12-5) and Joe Neal (5-1) were testing each other out when Neal drops Velasco with a strike but Velasco recovered quickly and scored a takedown.  On the ground they transition back and forth looking to end the bout.  The fighters were back to their feet as the round came to a close.

The two fighters exchanged strikes until Velasco scored another takedown on.  Velasco landed punches on Neal as Neal covered up in turtle position waiting on his chance to escape.  Neal gets back up and they both get to their feet and circle around the cage until the end of the round.

Velasco goes for a takedown but Neal turtled up again with Velasco lands some strikes until Neal gets to his feet.  They went back to the ground once again with Velasco in the dominant position landing strikes and Neal worked to get back up.  After some brief striking Velasco went for a takedown and Neal sprawled to avoid it.  They made it back to their feet and the round came to an end.

The fight went to the ground pretty quick in the fourth round.  Neal worked from being in a turtle position to getting Velasco in his guard.  The fighters got back to their feet and went back to the ground with Velasco landing strikes in half guard until the end of the bell.

In the fifth and final round, they are exchanged strikes until Velasco went for a takedown but Neal avoided it getting into the clinch.  Both fighters are visibly but still going at it.  Velasco tried for a takedown but took Neal’s back and worked to keep control of Neal until the end of the fight.

Rolando Velasco retained his bantamweight championship with the unanimous decision victory.

Cleber Luciano (12-5) went for a takedown early on Danny Navarro (14-6) but Navarro wouldn’t let Luciano control the fight getting back to his feet.  Navarro defended against Luciano’s takedowns and kept the fight on the feet.  In the clinch, Navarro worked the body shots and continued to keep the fight standing until the end of the round.

Luciano tried to pull guard but Navarro scrambled out, Luciano kept going for the takedown.  On the feet, Navarro kept landing strikes until Luciano was unable to continue with the fight.

Danny Navarro defeats Cleber Luciano by technical knockout at 2:41 in the second round.

“Everything went down as planned, it’s exactly how I visualized it,” said Navarro.  “I hit the body shot and I hurt him.  I saw him fold a little bit so I knew it was my time to go let loose.”

Zoila Frausto (12-5) made her return to the TPF cage against scrappy Corina Herrera (2-1).  Frausto landed the better strikes and scored takedowns. She attempted two armbars but Herrera was tough and didn’t back down from the challenge of the seasoned vet.

Zoila came out landing hard punches causing Herrera to clinch with her.  They backed off the cage and Herrera moved forward landing strikes.  They went to the ground and Frausto went for an armbar, Herrera picked her up and slammed her twice causing her (Frausto) to let go of the submission.  The two stood toe-to-toe until the end of the round.

They went to the clinch early and Frausto scored the takedown.  Herrera worked to Frausto’s guard and laid down strikes as Frausto transitioned back to her feet.  Herrera tried for a takedown but it didn’t happen then Frausto went for a standing rear-naked choke but Herrera fought to the clinch.  Frausto used low kicks to keep Herrera at bay and Herrera kept coming forward and the two fought to the last bell in the three round confrontation.

The judges scored the unanimous decision in favor of Zoila Frausto.

Cain Carrizosa (6-3) was looking to strike with Ray Cervera (9-4) but Cervera had a different idea.  Cervera pulled Carrizosa to the ground but Carrizosa eventually escaped.  Carrizosa kept the center of the cage for the rest of the fight until they went to the ground in the final seconds of the first round.

Carrizosa took to the center of the cage once again but Cervera wasn’t intimidated throwing his own strikes.  Cervera was gaining confidence in his striking as the round continued on. He was able to land punches and kept move until the end of the round.

Cervera continued to land strikes as he circled around Carrizosa and then pulled guard when Carrizosa went for a guillotine.  On the ground Carrizosa still pursued the choke but Cervera kept his composer while trying to fight off the choke then Carrizosa transitioned to Cervera’s back and the final bell sounded.

The judges scored the fight in favor of Cain Carrizosa.

Alex Sandoval (10-2) came out swinging like a man possessed against Martin Sandoval (9-5).  The fight went to the ground shortly after Alex came out swinging.  Alex kept control in Martin’s guard not letting him try for a submission.  The rounded ended with Alex in control of Martin while in Martin’s guard.

The second round was similar to the first with Alex in Martin’s guard working to rain down strikes.  The fight was stopped for a moment and after the brief break the fighters went back at it.   Alex got a quick takedown and worked in Martin’s guard until the end of the round.

The fight went to the ground shortly after it began with Alex in Martin’s guard.  The fight would continue from that position until the final bell sounded.

The judges scored the fight 30-26 giving the unanimous decision to Alex Sandoval.

In the lightweight contest between Drakkar Klose (5-0) and Joshua Aveles (22-11) they went strike for strike with each other.  The two worked in the clinch and went back to throwing strikes to finish the round.

In the second round they went back to throwing strikes but avoided getting into an all-out brawl. Then Aveles landed a left hook that stunned Klose but Klose fought back as Aveles tried to end the fight.  Klose showed his toughness still going toe-to-toe with Aveles until the bell ended the round.

Klose came back with a fire in the third round smothering Aveles into the cage while working in the clinch. The two worked in the clinch for the rest of the round.

The judges’ scores were 28-29 Klose, 28-29 Aveles, and 28-28 it was declared a split draw.

Chris Buron (5-0) and Deven Ortiz (8-4) spent the first 30 seconds measuring each other before they started swinging for the fences.  Both fighters showed their prowess on their feet.  Buron scored a takedown late in the round and worked to Ortiz’s back working for a submission when the round ended.

Buron got the better of Ortiz in striking to start the second round and followed it with a takedown.  Buron worked to the mount position after a scramble Buron went for a guillotine choke and kept adjusting until he locked it in the choke at 3:24.

Anthony Torres (0-3) came out swinging against Casey Kenney (3-0) but Kenney scored a takedown.  Kenney kept transitioning until he locked in an armbar and scored the victory at 1:48 in the first round.

There was a quick striking exchange between Samuel Alvarez (1-1) and Danny Ramirez (3-1) to open the fight.  They went to the mat and Alvarez kept Ramirez in his guard. Alvarez tried for a triangle but Ramirez escaped and laid down strikes until the end of the round.

Ramirez tried for a takedown but was unsuccessful the two threw punches and Ramirez went for another takedown attempt and got it.  Ramirez worked to control Alvarez on the ground.  Alvarez tried to use his lanky legs to catch Alvarez but was unsuccessful.

Ramirez scored a takedown early in the third round then used ground and pound in the half guard of Alvarez.  Alvarez worked to guard but was still absorbing strikes from Ramirez.  Alvarez was still looking for a submission from his back but Ramirez defended. The fighters got back to their feet and the fight ended shortly after.

The judges gave the unanimous decision fight to Danny Ramirez.

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