Gibson retains title at TPF 29

Photo Courtesy: Chris Ronquillo

Lemoore, Calif. – Cody Gibson retained his title in the main event of Tachi Palace Fights 29: Fall Brawl.

Gibson (14-6) started off early with some good boxing but Kyle Reyes (11-4) wouldn’t stand for it rocking the champ early and going for a submission. Gibson escaped and they got back to their feet. Both fighters exchanged strikes with Gibson using his length and Reyes using tight punches and kicks, the round ended during the stand up battle.

Round two started and ended in an instance with Gibson knocking Reyes down and out ending the fight in 21 seconds and Gibson retaining his title.

Emilio Chavez (12-8) tried to make quick work of TPF featherweight champion, Adrian Diaz (8-4) getting a quick takedown and taking his back. Chavez locked in a body triangle and worked for a submission. Diaz fought his way to his feet but Chavez still had a hold of him and got another takedown.  They went back to their feet and Diaz hit him and caught him in a guillotine choke.

Adrian Diaz wins by way of guillotine choke at 4:01 in the first round.

Chase Gibson (3-2) and Adam Calderon (6-3) exchanged strikes in the beginning of the round. There was a break in the action after an accidental shot to the groin to Gibson. When the fight continued they came out fast with both fighters showing their muay thai skills with Gibson throwing more strikes.  The two ended up in the clinch and ended the round from there.

Calderon came out more assertive in the second round landing more strikes but Gibson was still throwing as well. Calderon caught Gibson in the groin again and the ref took a point for the infraction. When action resumed Gibson took control until Calderon capitalized on a mistake slamming Gibson to the mat and taking his back. Gibson escaped and they went back to striking. Calderon landed some fast strikes and they tied up in the clinch and the round ended shortly after.

Calderon and Gibson were still swinging for the fences in the last round. Calderon hits a throw but they get back to their feet and end up in the clinch. Gibson scored a takedown from the clinch and worked in the half guard until they got back to their feet. They went back to the ground and ended the fight from there.

The judges scored the fight 30-26 giving Chase Gibson the unanimous decision win.

Castle Williams (2-1) returned to the TPF cage in impressive fashion against Victor Rico (0-1). Williams had some fast kicks and punches. He dropped Rico and kept on him to finish the fight by technical knockout at 43 seconds into the fight.

Joey Cabezas (6-8) came out striking fast but Justin Jones (8-2) hit a quick takedown. They worked to their feet where Jones went for a standing guillotine and switched to a takedown to the clinch. Then Jones scored a takedown once they were on their feet. Cabezas got to his feet again and Jones took him back down. Jones took his back and went for a rear naked choke and Cabezas tried to slam him off but it didn’t work so he escaped the hold but Jones took top mount and rained down punches. Cabezas escaped from top mount and the round ended shortly after.

Jones started the second round going for a takedown but Cabezas fought it off but Jones kept at it until he took him down. Jones then took his back and started landing strikes. Cabezas rolled to his back but Jones kept landing strikes until the referee called the fight.

Justin Jones wins the fight by technical knockout at 2:50 in the second round.

Nick Bustamante (4-2) came out aggressive against Nick Vanderpool (4-2) striking into a clinch and went for a takedown but was unsuccessful. Vanderpool fought back but Bustamante kept up the pace until the end of the round.

Bustamante used his muay thai to get Vanderpool to the ground and worked in a rear naked choke and getting the win at 2:30.

Rafael Del Real (6-19) used a variety of kicks to keep Van Palacio (2-1) at bay. Del Real threw a kick that landed wrong; he fell to the mat grabbing his leg in pain ending the fight without Palacio throwing a strike and gaining the victory.

Joshua Aveles (22-11) showed solid striking against Brandon Ricetti (7-1). Aveles knocked Ricetti down but Ricetti was able to recover using his ground skill. When they got back to their feet they battled in the clinch. Once separated Aveles used his striking to his advantage until the end of the round.

In round two, Avales striking is still better but Ricetti isn’t backing down from the fight. Ricetti tries to shoot for a takedown but is unsuccessful and Aveles continues to batter him with strikes until the end of the round.

Both fighters are tired but still aggressive with Aveles still landing the harder strikes. Ricetti tried to bait Aveles to go to the ground but it didn’t work. Aveles became more aggressive and landed strike after strike until the referee stopped the fight.

Aveles gets the technical knockout victory at 2:43 the third round.

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