ZappCon Year Three is in the books

Fresno’s annual pop culture event was in its third year with new vendors displaying their wares for fans to consume.

The event featured everything from table top games to video games, and toys to comics.

The layout of the event changed, and it was awesome.  We took time at the booths that interested us, seeing things we had never seen before.

We picked up some interesting pieces including a 3D wood piece that showed Judge Dredd popping out of the comic page by Tim’s Woodworking.  He had other pieces that included more well-known characters like Batman and the Flash.  If you want to see more check out his Youtube channel and Instagram @timsww.

The panels featured all sorts of interesting topics and there was even a chance to play Tekken with Lisle Wilkerson, who voiced the character Nina Williams in the game.

There was also a performance from Kirby Krackle, who performed nerd-rock, and includes everything from video games and superheroes in his music.

There were plenty of cosplayers, young and old, dressed as everyone’s favorite characters.

ZappCon was everything pop culture fans in Central California could hope for, and more.  We will see what the fourth year has in store for fans.

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