Behind on the Retro Gaming Trend…

The retro gaming trend started a few years ago with most games being only a few dollars.

Times have changed within those few years. Certain harder to find games in the market are over a few hundred dollars.

I have had my Sega Genesis for years growing up with games like Mortal Kombat, Aero the Acrobat, and WWF Royal Rumble to name a few. After it’s lifecycle, I continued to look for games for it finding The Punisher and other random titles.

For a while I focused on getting current generation systems and in that time the prices on retro games went up and now that I have gone back to retro games I have a tough time finding titles at a reasonable price.

Thanks to Youtube mainstays like Pat The NES Punk and The Game Chasers, I have learned what to look out for and where to go.

These guys occasionally avoid resellers but I don’t since I’m behind on everything and not knowing the tendencies that go into game hunting.

I am having fun getting new games for my collection, I usually hunt for original Nintendo and Genesis.

Some titles I will never try for since they are hard to find and an outrageous price but my handheld collection is pretty decent but it is always a work in progress.

I know I’m behind on the trend and may have to pay more for certain titles but I love the thrill of the hunt when looking for games.

If you know of any place in California I should check out contact me on Twitter @MMAguy101.

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