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“Nerd” and “geek” are terms being thrown around with shows like the Big Bang Theory, making it acceptable, and even popular, to be considered that way.

I do consider myself a “nerd” or “geek”, because of the things I am passionate about, such as comics, movies, and mixed martial arts.

People that I have encountered are always surprised I like such an intense sport, especially since people I have encountered at comic shows aren’t really sports fans. They are also amazed about how many fighters are actually nerdy.

One examole is Benson Henderson, who is a highly regarded fighter in the UFC, and is an avid comic book fan. There is also former UFC fighter, Nate Quarry, who is not only a comic fan, but has his own comic series.

When you have athletes admitting they like things that were once considered “nerdy”, it’s blurring the lines of stereotypes that once defined what an athlete, nerd, and so-on are in society.

I like to talk about the things I’m passionate about (who doesn’t?) and people see how passionate I am when it comes to these things. I do have a tendency to learn as much as I can about a subject I’m passionate about. I turn into a mini expert. I’m not saying I’m the absolute authority on the subject, but I do learn all I can.

I also use the term “nerding out” when it comes to doing something I’m excited about. An example would be me “nerding out” at when I go to a comic show, or see a Marvel movie. I don’t know of anyone else that says that, but there are plenty of nerds out there for it to work.

The term nerd has evolved and I don’t see it going back to how it once was. The term will permanently be used in a positive way which has been a blessing to nerd culture itself. It shows that everyone has a bit of nerd in them, they just use it or do it in different ways.

So no matter what you “nerd-out” to, enjoy it, because it’s what you like to do and no one can stop that.

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