Baby Driver Review

Baby Driver is an action/crime film directed by Edgar Wright. Wright also directed Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

The story follows the life of Baby, a wheel man for Doc (Kevin Spacey) who gets deeper and deeper into the crime world when all he is trying to do is escape it.

This movie was well done from the music that was used to the way the action was shot. It was a complete story in the way the filmmaker put it together. This film has a sleek style to it by the way it was shot and how they showed Baby and the influence of music in his life. Then it went rough and gritty when it got to the action scenes and the way the film progressed.

Ansel Elgort did a great job playing the role of Baby. You believed he was a good guy stuck in a bad situation and you rooted for him the whole time. It will be great to see what he appears in next because the kid can act.

Jamie Foxx and Jon Hamm were good in their roles both played crazy really well in different ways. Foxx’s character was more crazy toward everyone, where as Hamm focused his crazy on people that affected him directly.

The acting over all was well done by the whole cast.

The film takes place in Atlanta and looked great and showed that everything was happens in a big city from the banks to the streets when it came to action and committing brazen crimes in broad daylight.

It was interesting to see the use of sign language in the film when Baby communicated with his adoptive father. It’s something you don’t see in most films and added more depth to the characters as a whole.

If you liked movies like Gone in 60 Seconds, The Fast and The Furious, or Heat then you’ll enjoy this movie.

This is a film is a must see it’s still in theaters and when it comes out on Blu-Ray it will definitely be added to the collection.

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