Black Sheep Review

Black Sheep is a horror/comedy that was released in 2006 that is more comedy than horror similar to Shaun of the Dead, but with sheep.

It was an interesting movie to say the least is the way the main characters end up meeting each other and having to work together to stop what’s going on with the sheep.

Nathan Meister who plays the lead role of Henry Oilfield does a good job and develops the character throughout the movie. He goes from being a weak and scared character to taking the lead in the situations they encounter.

The lead female role played by Danielle Mason was good as a strong female that causes the male lead to catch-up to her in fortitude. The two actors also developed a good chemistry that showed more as they were together on screen.

The jokes in the movie were pretty clever and of course they make reference to a character having sexual relations with a sheep. The jokes really helped the movie not take itself so seriously and gave the audience a chance to enjoy it rather than being an intense horror movie.

It wasn’t your stereotypical horror movie one for the amount of comedy that was in it but also because the characters you wanted to die did besides random characters that you didn’t invest in.

The sets in the movie were all over a country side and looked beautiful. Some of the areas they shot in looked great as well like the laboratory and inside the characters home.

The film also won numerous awards at different film festivals.

I enjoyed the movie overall and I would rent this movie. The jokes were good and the characters go on a heck of an adventure but this isn’t a movie that I must have in my collection. I do however recommend this movie to horror/comedy fans or fans of Shaun of the Dead.

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