Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer Review

In this 2007 horror/comedy, Jack Brooks (Trevor Matthews), is a plumber with anger management problems. He takes on an ancient evil that comes back when he tries to help his teacher with a plumbing problem.

Trevor Matthews did a solid job of playing a guy getting through life but has random outbursts of anger. Yet, he developed the character in to a hero from an average guy and it showed on screen.

Robert Englund of Nightmare on Elm Street fame plays the supporting role of Professor Gordon Crowley. He is a supporting character that turns in to a monster that forces Jack to become a monster slayer. Englund was great as he was just a simple professor that developed in to a literal monster. He showed the change of a human in to a killer monster. It may sound basic, but he was awesome at it.

The costumes used in the film were good, but simple. The professor had a lab coat and Jack’s character was a t-shirt-and-jeans kind of guy. The monster costumes were great – from the minions to the Cyclops monster.

The practical effects in the film are great. From what I could see, there wasn’t any use of computer graphics. That made the monsters literally real and added to the scared feeling since they weren’t created from a computer.  All the monsters were scary, but the smaller monsters stood out compared to the big monster since they were more of a threat to the human characters.

The special features were pretty good on the DVD. They showed behind-the-scenes looks in to the making of the movie, showing how they developed the monsters in the movie. There were also deleted scenes and audio commentary.

Side note: Trevor Matthews not only played the troll monster in the film, he also helped write and produce the film.

I enjoyed the movie for how ridiculous it is. The over the top nature of the film made it fun and didn’t take itself too seriously. There was plenty of death and gore, which is essential in any crazy horror film.

If you are a fan of horror movies, I suggest you watch it. It is a solid monster movie that plays homage to classic hero vs. monster films, but not enough for me to add it to my movie collection.

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