Logan Review

Hugh Jackman’s last hurrah as the clawed Canadian did not disappoint.

The film takes place in the future and Logan (Wolverine) isn’t the fan favorite we remember. Just trying to get by and take care of an aged Professor Xavier. Logan discovers a special young girl that has similar abilities and he must protect her from group looking to destroy what they consider a mistake.

The film is a far departure from previous X-Men and Wolverine films. The violence was turned up from the amount of blood shown to people losing appendages. It added to the legend of Wolverine that we heard about but didn’t really get to see until now. It was interesting seeing the character age and not able to perform the way he once did.

The action was great from how it was shot to the choreography used in the fight scenes. The differences between Logan and Lara in the way they fight it was exciting to see. Logan is wild and brutish in his approach compared to Laura who fast and precise with her strikes.

Hugh Jackman did a great job in his final appearance in the role that made him famous. It was much more dramatic compared to previous films but he was still just as bad ass. He showed the character develop and still be the hero that fans came to love in previous films.

Dafne Keen was good as Laura. She looked like the character from the comic book and showed she was able to handle the action. She was able to show that the character didn’t trust anyone but started to chance once she realized they weren’t a threat to her.

Then there was Patrick Stewart who did an amazing job as Professor X. It was great to see him really involved in the story and be out in the world compared to him being in the X-Men mansion leading from a distance.

The villains in the film looked cool and added to the post-apocalyptic feel of the movie. They didn’t have powers but were still well trained for many situations. It was different compared to having a mutant villain or the government as the bad guy.

The way things had change in the future was interesting including the science and how machines were used. The setting of the film was gritty but futuristic and it blended well showing that this could be a reality.

It was also cool the way they started the movie with a Deadpool segment that had some Easter eggs in it for future movies.

This is a movie I recommend to people that are fans of the character and fans of science fiction films. For Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart playing these roles for the final time were excellent. You couldn’t ask for a better send off for the actors that made these characters theirs.  This will be added to my collection once it is released.

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