Suicide Squad Review

(Warning: Spoiler Alert)

Suicide Squad opened to fan fare and took number one in the box office making $135 million dollars in its opening weekend.

Critics and other reviewers have mostly panned the film, but it was overall fun for the third entry into the DC Cinematic Universe.

My only real criticism with this film is that there needed to be some more background on the other characters, such as Katana, who looked awesome and there could of been more of an explanation of her character.  Captain Boomerang would of been another character I would of loved to see more of a backstory about.  The movie could of been a little bit longer as well, but other than those criticisms, it was a fun ride as this movie expands on the DC Universe as a whole.

The focus of the movie revolved around characters we may see in other DC movies such as Amanda Waller, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot.
The acting was solid Margot Robbie, who fit the role of Harley Quinn and she was even seen wearing the original costume from Batman: The Animated Series. Robbie played crazy really well, being paired with the Joker’s psychotic gangster portrayal.  This was a great adaptation of the character from the comics that was funny and crazy.  You never knew which you were going to get.

Will Smith’s portrayal of Deadshot was spot-on, since they gave the audience more of an explanation of the character. You see what his main motivation is and that he is a villain with a heart of gold. Smith did a great job playing the expert marksman, adding his sarcasm to the character that fit with the comic counterpart.

Viola Davis as Amanda Waller was the best character in the film.  She was just as evil as she was in the comics – being cold to everyone and only looked to further her own agenda by any means.  It will be great to see her pop up in other DC related films later on down the line because of her involvement with the government and their interest in meta-humans.

Lastly, Jared Leto surprised me as the Joker.  He played the character as more of a gangster but he was still just as crazy, and the chemistry worked with him and Robbie’s Quinn.  His involvement in the DC Universe will be great with the upcoming Batman and Justice League films.

I did enjoy seeing the characters start to gel together as the movie progressed – seeing them work as a team adapting to situations where powers were needed.

The tragic characters were the most interesting , as I brought up before I would of liked to see more with Katana (Karen Fukuhara) and El Diablo (Jay Hernandez).  The bad guy that ruled on a street level and had an enormous amount of power, but hated his power because of his past.

It was great seeing other characters appear in the film with Batman and the Flash showing up briefly, catching the criminals to help set up the Suicide Squad or “Task Force X”, as they are also referred to as in the film.

It will be great to see these characters branch out from him and appear in the rest of the DC Universe.

If you’re a comic fan that is unfamiliar with these characters and/or a Harley Quinn fan, I would recommend this flick and see it in theaters.  If you just want an entertaining movie to keep you occupied for two hours, then wait until it comes out on streaming or physical media.  This movie will go into my collection when it is released on Blu-Ray.

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