Throwback Thursday Review: The Monster Squad

With Halloween coming up, Nerdspective is looking back at a film that is now considered a cult classic.

The Monster Squad is basically The Goonies meets the Universal Monsters.  In this 1987 horror/comedy, Dracula leads a team of monsters to take over the world with only a group of kids to stop them.

The film wasn’t successful in its initial release but has achieved a cult status in the years that followed.

I did see this film on VHS, so I always had knowledge of this film, but a lot of people I know had no idea about this movie.

If you loved The Goonies or cheesy movies then you’ll enjoy this film.  The cast of characters is great.  The kids played their roles well and the monsters were intimidating.  They had to change the look of the creatures to avoid an issue with Universal.

This movie is completely ‘80s including the awesome soundtrack montage, as it takes the kids a few minutes to be ready to take on these monsters.  There are also numerous memorable lines such as “Wolfman’s got nards…”.

There have been rumors of a remake, but nothing has come of the rumors.  It wouldn’t have the same appeal if they did something like that.

I would recommend this movie to anyone that loves horror/comedies with a rating of PG-13.  That rating was in 1987, now its tame – with a few jump-scares and intense moments.

Recently, Regal Cinemas featured the movie in their special horror movie series.  It featured multiple horror movies from throughout the years.  The Monster Squad showing played to quite audience in the showing I attended.

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