Throwback Thursday Review: Halloween III

In this edition of our #ThrowBackThursday reviews, we look at the most off-the-wall of the Halloween movies.

Halloween III: Season of the Witch came out in 1982 and had a mediocre box office run, but decades later the movie has developed a cult following.

This film was the only Halloween film to not feature horror movie icon Michael Myers, and it had more science fiction involved.

The story involves a doctor that stumbles upon a sinister plot by the Silver Shamrock Novelties company and he tries to stop it before Halloween night.

The film stars Tom Atkins (Night of the Creeps & Escape from New York) and Dan O’Herlihy (Robocop & The Last Starfighter). The movie feels creepy more than anything else, but that’s what made it scary, especially with the cliffhanger ending.

When it was first released, it wasn’t as successful as the previous films, and was panned by critics. After people re-watched the movie, they found it was actually pretty good.

This movie would have been great even without the Halloween title. It also mentions a witch and the closest thing to a witch is a mask and the use of magic.

Overall, it’s a good movie that does its job to scare fans, and it has a catchy them to it as well.

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