Throwback Thursday: The Wizard Review

This week’s Throwback Thursday is dedicated to the 1989 comedy/drama that featured everything Nintendo.

The Wizard was a moderate success and debuted one of the most successful Nintendo games in history, Super Mario Bros. 3.

Fred Savage (The Wonder Years) stars as a boy travelling with his gifted younger brother and a girl they meet along the way. They travel to California and place the younger brother in a video game tournament while dealing with their family problems.

Since coming out, this movie has garnered a cult status. It is also known for it’s extensive product placement of Nintendo products.

One of the greatest but cheesiest moments involved the antagonist and his love of the Power Glove. In all actuality, it is a cool looking device that is complete trash for the Nintendo.

Besides Fred Savage, the film also stars Luke Edwards (Little Big League), Jenny Lewis (Troop Beverly Hills), Beau Bridges (Sidekicks), and Christian Slater (Gleaming the Cube).

This film is fun with dramatic moments thrown in to push the overall story. It is full of nostalgia – its as if you are looking at a time capsule – from the clothes and hair styles, to the original Nintendo Entertainment System.

Random Note: This is Tobey Maguire’s first film. He appears as one of the antagonist’s friends.

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